Top 20 Healthy Eating Blogs to Follow in 2015

Would you like to have more energy? Be more productive? Perhaps improve your general health and well being? Well don’t miss reading these fantastic 20 Healthy food bloggers in 2015.

We’ve compiled a list of established and up-and-coming bloggers with a passion for healthy eating.

Feel terrific and stay up to date with the latest news from the world of healthy eating blogs!

The Picky Eater


Anjali’s blog is inspired by her life journey that begun from a girl living in a health-conscious environment, to student life and graduate picking with which food she will fuel her body.

If you need motivation changing your eating habits or the loved ones around you make sure to visit Anjali’s great blog.

This Rawsome Vegan Life


Emily says: In the wilderness is where I am most at peace.

One day she woke up and made the decision to switch vegan and soon she experimented with raw food and after that her food was mainly high-carb.

Emily says she chose vegan lifestyle and high card because she can not agree that humans need to eat animals in order to thrive. As she says: My lunch should’t require murder.

Pay a visit to her great blog for some innovative recipes.

Aggie’s Kitchen


Aggie changed hew way of cooking and eating during the years. She is trying to stay 100% on fresh, nutritional food. Her passion is fresh food as well whole grained food.

She likes to keep her kitchen tidy and simple and likes to have friends come and taste her inspirational food.

Aggie has stopped eating meat for more years now and she did it quite easily.

To learn more about her and learn how can you implement her lifestyle go ahead and visit her cool blog.

My New Roots


Sarah started her blog called My New Roots for a reason to spread her insights that she is experienced during Holistic Nutrition education.

She discovered that it is needed to all people to have easy access to this facts and not only selected few. Her blog is a combination between good food and positive lifestyle.

Sarah believes anyone can start changing their lived by everyday positive little steps.



Kelsey Boyte’s blog Happyolks is cozy flace for you to explore and find interesting recipes that are healthy and look good too.

She will tell you about love, life and everything related and not so to the food. Boyte great food is photographed and filmed by her husband Shaun that he met during teens.

In last period they do create in Colorado, USA. To find out more visit their blog Happyolks.

Food to Glow


Food to Glow is contemporary healthy food blog by Kelly. Here you will find one of the most colorful recipes based on plants with added pinch of sensuality. Kelly will also cover other food books and reviews as well photos with food prepared for work colleagues and family.

On Food to Glow you will also find that shes uses ingredients easy to find and not some exotic spices only available in Caribian islands, lol. Go ahead and visit Food to Glow.

A Mummy Too

A Mummy Too

Emily Leary started A Mummy Too blog as a hobby but as she says it takes her big piece of her available time. She writes columns, makes food for various mediums like Cruise International Magazine.

Emily also creates short tip articles, more elaborates articles as well instructional guides.

She is food blogger for Avon UK too. To get in touch and get informed please visit her blog.

Tinned Tomatoes

Tinned Tomatoes

Jacqueline Meldrum started her Award Winning blog Tinned Tomatoes because in the beginnings she used to start her recipes with tinned tomatoes. She used tomatoes in various dishes as pasta, bolognese and later she did realized she can experiment with more than tomatoes.

Jacqueline writes about food and her passion is vegan and vegetarian cooking. She is vegetarian more than 24 years now.

To read about and start doing her dishes check out her blog.

Fuss Free Flavours

fuss free flavours

Fuss Free Flavours is healthy food blog by Helen and her favorite quote is: “Eat a generous portion of (raw) vegetables with every meal whenever you can”

On her blog you will find recipes, reviews and many cheap recipes as well travel, lifestyle and ways on how to start eating more vegetables and fruits.

Eats Amazing


Eats Amazing is healthy food blog created by Grace where she is sharing motivation and fresh idea for your kids. She got her motivation while preparing everyday bento type lunch for her son.

She prepares easy and healthy children food and shares the recipes with you to try. Her blog is faced towards parents that need inspiration in cooking for their loved ones.

Belleau Kitchen


Dominic is a writer and and chef influenced by food recipes and knowledge by his mother and Smith Delia.

Recipes on Dominic’s blog are made from local products using fresh and he is sharing them with you on his great blog.

Lilinha Angel’s World


Lilinha Angel’s World is a compilation of food recipes, drinks, lifestyle and a resource for young parents.

She loves having a good time with her family and friends as well as cooking, baking, experimenting with new recipes and blogging.

For great baking ideas visit Lilinha Angel’s World.

Maison Cupcake

maison cupcake

Sarah’s lived in East London for over 20 years with her husband and 7 year old sun. She loves cakes and holidays in Paris.

She started her blog in 2009 and won the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging award in 2012. If you’re a cake lover check out Sarah’s yummy recipes.

Wholesome Ireland


Caitríona’s is mother of 2 boys and stepmother of 15 year old teen. Her blog covers many topics, with a great section on preparing healthy food on a budget.

Deena Kakaya


Deena’s a food writer who also loves teaching others how to cook. The recipes on her blog have influences from all around the globe, especially from India.

She enjoys preparing food for her family and friends in a way they will stick in their memory forever. Make sure to visit her blog for inspiration.

The Smallest Smallholding


Lucy’s a 30 something blogger who loves makeup and fashion in addition to her farm. Lucy likes gardening, flowers and works as a freelance SEO.

The Smallest Smallholding is about cooking with a vegetarian and vegan twist, wildlife and organic vegetables.

The Work Top

the work top

Tina loves photography, cooking, as well breakfast recipes that she shares on The Work Top.  Make sure to check out the delicious waffle recipes.

Go ahead and get some fantastic energetic breakfast ideas at The Work Top.


simply food

Nayna Kanabar lives in UK and started her blog in 2008 as a way to show her passion for food. She uses simple recipes with properly combined ingredients for delight and enjoyment.


Eat Yourself Skinny


Kelly is an chocolate addict and loves photography. She started her blog after experimenting with various diets to lose weight.

In her blog she has all her recipes that helped her achieve a much healthier and slimmer body. Check out Kelly’s blog for great ideas about organic and non-proceed food.

Kath Eats Real Food

Kath Eats Real Food

Kath started her real food nutrition blog in 2006 after losing an amazing 30 pounds.

The blog was originally a way to share recipes with friends and family, but has now turned into one of the best real food sites on the internet. Read more on her blog at the link above.