Top 10 Trampolines Reviewed

Trampolines are terrific fun for both kids and grownups and they have other benefits, too.  Energetic children and fun-loving adults will love this type of outdoor play.  Rebounding on trampolines is also a form of exercise to strengthen your muscles, your lungs and your heart.  Improving your balancing skills is another great benefit and if you’re worried about any harmful effects, don’t be.  The soft material you bounce on means it’s a low-impact exercise.  All these benefits are good reasons to invest in a trampoline for your family or for yourself.  There are actually many kinds to choose from so we’re giving you a guide to selecting your ideal trampoline, plus, some of the most highly recommended products.

What to consider when shopping for a trampoline:

–  Do you want a small or large trampoline?

The size of the trampoline you choose should be based on the number of people you’re expecting to use it and the space you plan to put it in.  Is it going to be an indoor trampoline for one child to use, an exercise trampoline for an adult or huge outdoor trampoline for everyone’s enjoyment? Make sure the trampoline is placed on a flat surface with plenty of space around it, at least two meters.  The area directly overhead also needs to be clear, a minimum of five meters.  If it’s an outdoor trampoline, it should be placed somewhere with a soft surface around it, like a grassy lawn.

–  Which form or shape do you prefer?   

When it comes to the trampoline shape, your choice will mainly depend on the style you like.  Most trampolines are oval, round, square, or rectangular.  The basic difference is that square and rectangular trampolines produce a higher and quicker bounce than the oval and round ones.  The square trampoline is also distinct from the rest since the design is usually meant for kids’ playtime or for adult exercise.

–  Should it have springs or not?

Older versions of trampolines have always had springs.  These springs are located on the edge of the jumping mat and produce the bounce in trampolines.  The problem with springs is that some users accidentally land on them instead of the mat which can be painful.  It was only recently that manufacturers developed spring-free versions for more safety and durability.  You can choose trampolines with springs for a better bounce or you can opt for spring-free versions for added safety.  Spring-free trampolines are, however, more expensive.

–  What kind of mat and frame should it have?

Jumping mats should have more than enough stitches through them to increase their strength and safety.  Also, check if the mat has been treated for UV resistance particularly if it’s an outdoor trampoline.  Another thing you should check is how the jumping mat is fastened to the springs.  Are the connectors durable?  As for the frame, hard-wearing trampolines also have sturdy frames made of top quality materials.  The best frames are built of galvanized steel to prevent rust.  Look for thicker frames as well since thicker frames are stronger and last longer.  For safety, the frame should also be well-padded.

–  What are the other safety features?

The most important consideration when buying a trampoline is its safety.  A great safety feature for larger trampolines, especially those for children, is an enclosure or netting.  This surrounds the trampoline to cushion the user securely in case he falls and to keep him from tumbling directly to the ground.  Look for a trampoline which has an enclosure of the same size.  Some trampolines also come with a ladder to help younger children get on or off but this should be removed when not in use to keep them from playing without adult supervision.  Other important safety features are the anchor kit for securing the trampoline to the ground, and the trampoline legs which should be able to hold up to the weight of the users.

Here’s our review of the top 10 trampolines rated highly by users:

  1. Alleyoop 14′ Variablebounce Trampoline With Integrated Safety Enclosure

The Alleyoop 14-Ft Variablebounce Trampoline is perfect for kids and guaranteed safe.  Parents will also appreciate how easy it is to put together.  The frame is incredibly strong and the whole trampoline is made of high quality materials to ensure it lasts long.  It includes a net enclosure which is also well-made and can bear a large amount of weight.  The unique Variablebounce technology gives a smoother and more enjoyable jumping experience.  The only drawbacks to this trampoline are the lack of an anchor system to keep it tied down to the ground during windy weather and the higher price.

  1. ExacMe 15-Ft Trampoline

With the ExacMe 15-Ft Trampoline, families can have more fun together outdoors.  It’s quite a large trampoline at 15 feet but it’s relatively easy to assemble.  Exceptionally sturdy, the trampoline can carry up to 375 lbs of weight.  The frame is made of galvanized steel and coated with UV protection to make it weather-proof.  There are also 6 trampoline legs for maximum support and to keep the whole thing steady at all times. However, since this trampoline is so huge, it’s not ideal for families without a large backyard.  .

  1. JumpSport Trampoline & Enclosure

The JumpSport Trampoline & Enclosure is another great 14-Ft outdoor trampoline for children.  The frame is thick and its pipes extend all the way up to the net enclosure for optimal support.  The enclosure is made perfectly as it fits the trampoline well to ensure safety.  The jumping mat is also durable and treated with UV protection.  Although this trampoline has springs, there’s no danger of falling through the springs since they’re covered by the pad.  What you might not like about this trampoline though is that it’s a bit tricky to assemble.

  1. Little Tikes 3 ft. Trampoline

If you’re looking for a trampoline perfect for your young child, the Little Tikes 3 ft. Trampoline is your product of choice.  Assembling the whole thing takes very little time and effort.  Take note that the maximum weight for this trampoline is around 55 lbs and it’s recommended only for kids between 3-6 years old. This round trampoline is well-built and durable; plus, it’s equipped with a safety bar that kids can hold on to for additional security.  Instead of springs which can be risky, the jumping mat is made of elastic webbing.  A downside to this trampoline is that it’s designed only for indoor use.

  1. Skywalker 15-Ft Round Trampoline

A brand well-known for producing the best trampolines, Skywalker does not disappoint with their Skywalker 15-Ft Round Trampoline.  It can hold a maximum of 200 lbs in weight, and it’s wide and roomy for lots of fun.  This trampoline also has great safety features, with its net enclosure, and galvanized steel frame.  Their net enclosure is one of the safest, attached to the mat rather than just surrounding the outside of the pad.  To enhance the durability of the trampoline, all of the parts including the mat, frame, enclosure and legs have been coated with UV protection.

  1. Springfree Medium Oval 8 X 11′ With Enclosure

One of the most innovative and safest trampolines, the Springfree Medium Oval 8 X 11′ With Enclosure does not use springs to attach the mat.  Instead, the net enclosure is fastened directly to the mat.  For more bounce, the trampoline relies on rods located outside the net which are attached to the frame underneath.  The net enclosure itself is also flexible for added security.  The trampoline’s oval shape means it can fit into most backyards better than round ones.  Although it’s priced higher than other trampolines, the outstanding safety features are worth it.

  1. Stamina InTone Oval Jogger

The Stamina InTone Oval Jogger is the best option for adults looking for an indoor exercise trampoline.  Even older adults can enjoy low-impact exercise on this trampoline without fear of injury thanks to its safety bar.  For more convenience, the safety bar can also be adjusted.  Since this is more of a fitness trampoline, the bounce is not as high as that of normal trampolines, but it’s great for jogging in place.  It’s also very sturdy and can hold a maximum of 250 lbs.

  1. The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline, for kids

Another excellent trampoline for children with the added benefit of portability is the Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline.  It’s quick and easy to put together and then disassemble.  It’s safe and sturdy due to the jumping mat being fixed to the frame.  The frame is also covered with thick padding.  This trampoline is more stable as well thanks to the 6 strong trampoline legs.  In addition, compared to other trampolines for kids, this model can hold more weight, up to 150 lbs.

  1. TUV Approved Zupapa Trampoline

What’s great about the TUV Approved Zupapa Trampoline is that it passed stringent safety standards as proven by its TUV certification.  The frame is thick, galvanized steel, to prevent rust and the jumping mat is UV protected to help it last longer.  The net enclosure is also longer, made of a strong material and supported by longer poles.  Both adults and kids can have fun on this trampoline since it has a maximum weight of 300 lbs.  One disadvantage of this trampoline though is that the jumping mat will need to be replaced once it loses its springiness and this is something that commonly happens for other trampolines as well.

  1. Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net

The Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net is a 14-Ft trampoline ideal for some backyard fun.  Four L-shaped legs made of galvanized steel keep it steady on the ground.  The trampoline also comes with a net enclosure for additional safety.  The net enclosure has eight poles which are all padded for extra support and safety.   With a weight limit of 200 lbs, it can hold either children or adults but only one at a time.  If you want a more budget-friendly but top quality option, this is one you should seriously consider.

Anyone can enjoy a trampoline.  Adults can use it for indoor fitness or for some fun outdoor exercise.  Families can enjoy it together.  Children can play on it to let off steam and energy.  There’s a trampoline type to fit everyone’s needs and if you’re looking for the best ones, all the models we recommend are safe.