Top 10 Stand Up Paddle Boards Reviewed

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Stand up paddle boarding has since been a part of so many individuals who love to indulge in outdoor sports and fitness. There was a time when these boards were plain which people used for surfing; but then, it gradually emerged as diverse equipment outdoor people wanted to own.

There are four basic types of stand up paddle boards sold today that work perfectly for specific purposes and listed below are their characteristics.

4 Types of SUPs

Flat Water or All-Around Paddle Board

Beginners can take advantage of this type of board due to its stability. This is a typical board for fishing as well as paddling because the water it will travel on to is not harsh and has less movement.

Touring or Race Paddle Board

The most ideal board for this purpose is a wider one to get that stability needed for balance. This board is very manageable but a little expensive than flat water boards. Some touring boards are constructed longer and slimmer for the pros.

Slim boards reduce drag for enhanced speed that’s why they are made from materials lighter than the others. Several of these boards can have customized hulls which allows for slicing through the waters.

Fitness or Yoga Paddle Board

Yoga SUPs are highly similar to all-around boards in terms of width. There are inflatable models for this type which makes it softer to step on and the width provides for a wider mat area. This board features a full-length traction pad that is best for yoga water sessions.

Surf Paddle Board

Surfers love to get on a surf paddle board so much that they can trade their old boards in exchange for this model. Both surfers and paddle boarders are overjoyed with this type because it can tear around waves and pockets of water like a rocket. The smaller the board, the better they can do some of their maneuvering techniques and stunts.

Paddle boards can be a serious investment so udders have to make sure they are absolutely committed before pulling the trigger. If you are looking to buy a stand up paddle board, you should focus your attention to several aspects that are connected with each other.

The Width

Ideal all-around boards should be around 30 – 35 inches wide to provide a wide foundation for the feet to stand on. Having had mastered balance, you can now try on other boards which you will find “normal” and by then you can generate power turns and slices.

The Length

A 10 or 11 feet board is a good option when it comes to length. A 14-footer is a good pick if you are into racing. If you are a surfer, then, a shorter board at 10 feet long is the thing.

The Weight

Majority of the boards can carry up to 200 lbs. Heavier individuals should avoid using inflatable ones.


Paddle boards are constructed out of a diverse range of materials but can only be classified as inflatable or solid construction.

  • Inflatable boards are easy to store and transport. Most of them are cheaper.
  • Solid stand up boards are made from different of materials, the most common of which is a foam interior that is wrapped with a fibreglass shell. Others combine bamboo and another strong material for a sturdier deck bottom.

Material quality is essential when paddle boarding. So you have to understand that cheaper boards are expected to be heavier than boards used for racing. However, being a newbie at the sport doesn’t really require you to own a new one (unless you have the money to spend on it). You can rent a board and give it a try and if you are ready to get on with the game, you can start saving for one.

Best stand up paddle boards

10. Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard

This is a perfect example for an all-around paddle board and shoots the budget of beginners. This inflatable board has a length of 10.8”. A fully-blown Solstice Bali of up to 14-15 Psi makes for a solid board. While it is not perfect for choppy conditions or riding the waves, it is a good partner for cruising around the lake or bay. It comes with a pump but you can use a better pump to be sure of getting to your destination with enough air.

9. Keeper Sports Stand Up Paddle Board Set

This board set comes with a leash and a paddle and the cheapest all-in-one in the market. This all-around d up paddle board is 10.6” and has a solid construction. It has made of high density EPS reinforced with 3 wooden stringers which makes it super durable. With a reasonable price and bonuses on the side which you can’t get from single purchases, this is a great find.

8. Tower Adventurer iSUP

This 9’10” all-around board is inflatable and manages more weight. The durability of the Tower Adventurer stand up paddle board is a great attraction. It is made out of military-grade PVC of high quality standards and able to carry 350 lbs. It promises to deliver a high resonating performance throughout all skill levels. This board comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

7. Naish Nalu GS Stand Up Paddling Board

The all-around Naish Nalu is a 10’10” long stand up board well-loved by beginners. It has a solid construction and large enough to make it stable on water. Unlike the Solstice and Tower, it is made of fibreglass, EPS foam, and wood combination. This is the perfect vehicle for tandem paddling.

6. Lotus YSUP Inflatable SUP Board

The Lotus YSUP Inflatable SUP Board is ideal for a balanced yoga session and a stable ride. It is 10’ 32” wide and uses a 6-inch drop-stitch material. It features a removable shoulder strap making it convenient for users to transport. It has an almost full-length traction pad for a more comfortable ride and a clear deck area. This board is known to many as a light and simple, compact board with a very stiff performance. Its outer skin is double-layered for more durability and a single-action hand pump with gauge to provide high-pressure inflation.

5. Naish Mana Air iSUP

This all-around inflatable yoga board comes with 10’ and 11.6’ models. It provides a silky smooth ride and the perfect board for almost everyone. The 10-feet model is for smaller riders and the taller or larger ones can use the 11.6-feet board. It has more deck area which gives it more stability and flex on water.

4. NAISH Hokuna Series

The NAISH Hokuna solid surf paddle board is 9.10” in length and has a solid construction. It is able to cut through in and out on the rocket and has a better performance compared to other boards in the market. This is a highly preferred stuff for professional surfers.


The BIC Wing ACE-TEC board can be used as a touring or racing stand up paddle board. Its length is 12.6 feet and dons a solid construction. This type is somewhat hybrid as it cannot be regarded as an all-around board and the length is enough to consider it as a racer. It is also ideal for zipping round the bay or for fitness paddling. However, it may not work well in the pro circuit.

2. 14″ Tower Xplorer

This inflatable 14’ board is perfect for touring and racing purposes. For a board under $900, this stand up paddle board is great to own. It is considered as the fastest board though it can’t compete with the lightweight solid boards used by pros. It goes with a high-end pump as well.

1. The Chelan Air

The 2015 Chelan stand on liquid paddle board is 12.6’ long and an enhanced version of its previous model. It exceeds the tracking and stiffness expectations of users and has an ideal amount of rocker. Paddling hard on this board makes it engaged in the water which means it has the piercing capacity characteristic of touring boards.

It can be inflated up to 17 Psi without the cheap “air mattress” undertones other inflatables have. It also has new graphics, easy to carry style bag, and comes with a high pressure Bravo hand pump. This model comes with a free 3-piece Blast fibreglass paddle.

Always remember that a wider and longer board can handle more weight. What impacts the amount of weight depends on the type of construction it has. Also, users must learn how to store their boards as there are some restrictions when doing it. This makes up for a longer lasting paddle board. You can also ask the seller on how to care for your SUP.

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