Top 10 Softball Bats Reviewed

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Selecting the best softball bat can be daunting most especially if you are not playing the game. But then, you need to be knowledgeable in several aspects if you are planning to buy one for yourself.

Choosing a softball bat needs you to consider length, drop and weight. Aside from these, bat constructions differ as well. There are one-piece and two-piece bats, some of them have welded aluminum barrels with composite handles. Likewise, you can choose from a slow pitch and fast pitch bat depending on the user.

Take a look at this guide:


You can measure the length by placing the knob at the center of your chest. Extend barrel towards your fingertips and once you can touch the end of the bat, you have found the right size for you.


Choose a weight you feel comfortable swinging. Heavier bats may cause your swing to drop naturally and create upward swings. The best weight should enable you to hold the bat with just one hand. If you cannot hold on to it for 30 seconds, then, the weight is not good for you.


The difference between the weight and length of the bat is called drop. A heavy bat allows for a lower drop while the lighter bat indicates a higher drop. There is a need to check your league rules at all times as some leagues may limit the amount of drop your softball bat has.

One-Piece Bat vs. Two-Piece Bat

Companies that separate the handle from the barrel and then fuse them together into a two-piece bat allow players to have less reverberation on the hands during a mishit. Vibrating barrels provide less vibration to the handle if it is separated by a joining piece.

However, a sting on the hands during a mishit is in fact helpful for long-term hitting advancement. It is common for a two-piece bat user to believe he absolutely crushed the ball and later find out the ball flew out towards shallow center. A one piece bat user would never have this issue. The right type of bat clearly depends on what you really want.

Two piece bats provide light weight and sting dampening. There are hybrid models which combines aluminum and composite materials (hybrid).

Slow Pitch Bat vs. Fast Pitch Bat

Bigger players should be fine using bats within the 28 oz. – 30 oz. range and smaller power hitters or small to average-sized players will be fine with the 25oz. – 27 oz. range. Slow pitch bats can be end loaded or balanced wherein the former generates high swing speeds in long distance swings and the latter, the more popular choice, has an evenly distributed weight from knob to the end of the bat. This makes up for faster swings due to its controllable barrel.

Aluminum Bats

Commonly, these bats are single-walled although there are some that have double-walls on them. They are either made of aluminum or aluminum alloy. Single-walled bats fly off of a faster while double-walled bats own larger sweet spots. Thinner single-walled aluminum bats can maximize the trampoline effect. There is more balanced on the batter’s hands due to the even weight distribution and control.

Composite Bats

These typically have more pop compared to aluminum bats. These bats may be made out of a graphite blend and carbon fiber or may have an aluminum core inside the graphite lining. Materials used for composite bats are lighter than aluminum material and can optimize bending stiffness.

The bat’s mass is shifted around and along the bat’s barrel to give it a different feel. The weight is directed towards the top of the bat’s barrel. These bats have more elastic properties that provide a good trampoline effect.

Here are some bats for you to consider:

10. 2016 Miken DC-41 Supermax ASA Denny Crine Signature Series

The 2016 Miken DC-41 Supermax uses the Triple Matrix Core technology which boosts its exclusive aerospace grade material volume by 5%, eliminates wall seams using a breakthrough carbonized process which maximizes both durability and performance. It takes pride of its Flex 2 Power which maximizes handle flexibility to barrel loading and optimizes overall bat head speed all through the hitting zone. Made in the USA, this softball bat comes with a 1-year warranty.

9. Louisville Slugger Z-2000 USSSA Balanced Slowpitch Bat

The Louisville Slugger Z-2000 slow pitch bat is two piece bat with 100% composite design. It uses an upgraded iST technology and has a balanced swing weight. Its barrel size is 12″ and tapered handle measuring 7/8”. The bat is favored by many users who like to throw off balls at high speed and long distances.

8. Easton Salvo Composite Balanced Senior Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

The Easton Salvo Senior slow pitch softball bat has a balanced swing weight for more bat control. It is made from IMX Advanced Composite in order to optimized sweet spot and maximum performance. With a single system composite design, it also has an ultra-thin 29/32” handle with a gauze grip for increased bat control and extra whip. This feature makes it comfortable to use. The bat has a 13.5” barrel length and is approved for Senior Softball 1.21 BPF.

7. 2015 DeMarini Flipper Aftermath OG WTDXFLS

The 2015 DeMarini Flipper Aftermath is a two piece hybrid. It uses a divergent composite barrel and SC4 alloy handle combination which gives it an excellent barrel-to-handle energy transfer. It also allows for an enhanced trampoline effect within the barrel that consistently increases hit distances. It has a barrel length of 13 inches. Users claim that this bat is beyond amazing, has no off sounds and has a great pop. This is recommended for beginners and long time layers in the field.

6. DeMarini 2014 Bustos WTDXBFP Fastpitch Softball Bat (-13)

This DeMarini fast pitch softball bat has fiber reinforced composite handle that takes away distracting vibrations and the ever annoying hand sting. The barrel and the handle are matched for performance to produce optimum recoil and flex with the ball bursting with energy upon impact. Its hybrid 2-piece grip is designed to offer users tack and comfort. The bat’s DX1 alloy provides perfect balance of high KSI power and toughness for longer lasting performance.

5. Mizuno 340271 Blackout

Mizuno Blackout bats are manufactured out of explosive black array carbon. It uses an upgraded glass fiber for extra durability and feel. More resin was utilized throughout barrel to provide longer lasting usage. The cylinder seaming technique gets rid of inconsistencies during play. It has a coiled end cap and an additional ½ oz weight option. It also features a digi-grip wrap for a more enhanced feel. Its 13-inch” end loaded barrel was made for increased distance performance.

4. Miken KF-30 Ultramax USSSA FILBMU

This Kevin Filby signature product is the first ULTRAMAX-loaded bat within the Miken series lineup. It is specially made for players who want some stiff handle flex and serious end. Miken’s proprietary HPI infuses epoxy into the bat’s aerospace carbon fiber for optimal response. Its premium materials generate a game changing level performance with its 1.5-oz end load.

3. Worth Legit 220 Greg Connell Balanced USSSA Slowpitch Bat SB

This Worth softball bat is a Greg Connell Signature Model. It is designed for maximum durability and performance with its Classic M Ball feature. It uses CF100 technology with its 100% carbon fiber barrel that provides for lighter weight, a barrel that is more durable, and offers unmatched performance. This one-piece barrel creates a seamless and increased performance and durability.

2. 2015 Combat Derby Boy’s G3 Chris Greinert Softball Bat DBGSP2

This slow pitch Chris Greinert signature softball bat allows no cuts, weak spots, or slices for its users. It is done using a precision molding technology that utilized a computer-controlled tool in defining both the outer and inner barrels with precision control and complete accuracy. The barrel measures 2-1/4 inch and has a slight end-loaded material. It has a composite one-piece construction and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

1. Easton FS200 Fastpitch Softball Bat

The Easton FS200 fast pitch bat is made with speed and power as it was crafted out of durable aluminum alloy. This bat was designed to provide fast swing speeds, making it perfect for entry level players. It features a 31/32″ aluminum alloy handle with an all-sports grip, a 2-1/4″ barrel and a 1-year warranty. The bat had variation of length/weight (-)10 for every series: 28″-18 oz; 29″-19 oz; 30″-20 oz; 31″-21 oz; 32″-22 oz: 33″-23 oz: and 34″-24 oz.

So, whatever is your playing style, desired weight and length of arms, you can arrive at a good decision selecting form these top of the line softball bats. Why waste your time searching for the more expensive ones if you are just starting when you can use any of the abovementioned bats? The only thing you must contemplate on is the ease you can get out of a bat and nothing else. Of course, you can choose to own any of these types but if you’re thinking about comfort, a lighter bat could your playing requirement.