Top 10 Best Youth Baseball Gloves


There is a part of childhood where parents want their children to experience positive things like sports and the arts, wherein the former always gets to be the number one choice.

However, leading these kids into loving a sports activity like baseball would not be a wonderful experience at all if the equipment they have will not provide them comfort. You see, a sports endeavor like baseball needs gloves that will not only assist in the game play itself; they have to offer convenience to users.

Parents face a lot of problems before buying baseball gloves. Here are common questions we took time to answer to help parents in buying the right baseball gloves.

Which type of glove to buy?

Wondering which type to buy is a good question. First, buyers must consider the age of the user. This makes it easier to choose from a range of gloves suited for children of all age levels. Some kids have small hands while others may have larger ones that is why it is important to bring the user with you to try on a glove for size. A glove that is large for its user may offer some issues like blisters and uneasiness while playing.

Is it good to buy a cheap baseball for my child who is just starting to play the game?

Considering your child is new to the game, you wouldn’t want to hear cries of pain if you have bought something that is dirt cheap, right? If you have a meager amount to spend, it is better to wait until you have saved enough money for a better type of gloves your child may want to use for a longer time or until his or her hands outgrows the glove.

Which material is best for a beginner?

The best material would be soft leather. There are leather types that need users to break in the glove before a baseball match. Some may take time so practicing with the glove several times can provide ease to the user; same thing goes for adult gloves. Several glove brands have undergone break-ins which allow for more convenient usage but may come with an expensive price tag.

Shall I pick from a budget price package?

Some sellers offer budget prices and may include other freebies within a single package. Think about how marketing goes. While it is a good idea of getting other items with the glove, which is your main agenda, wouldn’t you think that the performance of the glove stands to be compromised?

Brand name or quality; which has more weight?

Pretty sure, the expensive ones are much more capable of providing ease for a child user but ease of usage is not guaranteed by purchasing a brand name glove. There are other quality gloves that don’t have well-known brands stamped on them. In every which way, quality offers more perks like no other.

Longevity of the glove

The quality of baseball gloves depend on several aspects. Some youth baseball gloves are made out of excellent quality materials and some having long lasting quality depending on usage.

Here is a list of the Top 10 youth baseball gloves sold in the market:

10. Rawlings Renegade RCMYBB Youth Catcher’s Mitt

This glove has a 31.50” pattern with adjustable hook and a loop wrist strap. It is made of soft brushed nylon and a comfortable finger lining. Its cushioned palm pad takes away sting when catching a ball. The glove has a tanned full grain leather shell and constructed with a speed trap for easy closing action.

It has a small hand opening and allows for tight fit for younger layers. This one-piece closed web, fastback model is cheap at $59.99 and comes with a 100-day money back guarantee.

9. Easton Z Flex Glove

This glove comes in right-hand and left-hand models and combines the pinky and ring finger for increased leverage when closing. It has a 10” utility pattern meant for very young hands. The glove has a pocket deeper than other brands and provides for more successful ball fielding due to its type of scoop.

This mitt is a bit stiff at first but requires just a little break in time. The glove features a convenient palm design with elastic straps meant for closing it right after catching the ball. Consider this as best for coach pitch ball and T-ball players. Both models are sold at $22.42 each.

8. Wilson A2000 Limited Edition Baseball Glove A2000BBDP15GM

This glove is great to use for almost all children’s ages and fits hands very well. Made of leather and a bit expensive at $259.99, this still performs well like any other on the a2000 series. Some users say that while the feel on the palm is excellent, the wrists are somewhat tight unless the player breaks it in several games before a match comes up.

The glove is done in grey and black and has an 11.5” pattern. Its wrist lining is ultra-breathable and made of moisture wicking material. With a small hand opening and tight finger fit, its construction is made to last longer and retains shape over time.

7. Akadema Pro Soft AMV218

This two-tone 11.5” infield glove comes with a free Akadema Sunglasses and sells at $99.99. This provides a game-ready feel for users and dons a conventional open back style. It has a medium-deep pocket and a modified T-web for efficient catch.

The glove can be played right out of the store and conveniently light even though some users say that it needed some time to break in. It fits a 12 year old’s hand and may fit even that of a 50-yr old dad. It can also double as an outfielder’s glove.

6. All Star Pro CM3100BT Catcher’s Mitt

This catcher’s mitt has a 35” pattern and has an extended pocket with a profiled toe that enables easy scooping. With heavy duty rawhide laces, the glove is made from Japanese tanned U.S. steerhide. It also features an open back with an adjustable wrist strap made of Velcro and an index finger hood.

The glove has a wide heel channel which allows young users to close the mitt easily. It has a padded wrist guard and was pre-oiled for faster break-in. Selling at $199.99, the glove comes with a 100 day money back guarantee.

5. Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher’s Mitt

This Mizuno glove has a 32.5” pattern with a loop wrist strap and sporting a closed back style. It maintains a soft buttery palm lining and a ParaShock palm pad that makes for outstanding for lesser rebounds and shock. This is super ideal mitt for young users as seen with its smaller hand opening and finger stalls.

The 2-piece closed web glove requires no long time break-ins and just right for its young users when it comes to fit and feel. For this $69.9 great catcher, you’d get a 10-day money back guarantee.

4. Shoeless Joe Professional 1200BW

This 12” model dons a basket web design and hand-rubbed with traditional ingredients to allow for softer leather feel. It is an individually hand-cut and sewn open back model made to fit young hands. Construction of the glove is made out of specially-aged antique tobacco leather and has undergone break-in process to make it more convenience to users.

Other users, however, complained of some funky smell but this is just because of the leather material. For a glove that sells at $169.99 and a 100-day money back guarantee, who wouldn’t want to try this mitt to know if it really suits the child?

3. 2016 Nokona Classic Walnut Softball WS1250C

The 12.5” 2016 model classic walnut crunch leather glove was designed for stability, durability and flexibility in mind. This closed back, large pocket design features an adjustable pull-strap wrist that allows for easy pull-out. It is said to last for a longer time and very comfortable to use.

Nevertheless, this softball specific patterned mitt needs a good number of games for the break-in process. Weighing around 770 grams, it comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, a 100-day money back guarantee and sells at an affordable price of $239.99.

2. All Star System Seven FGS7-IF

This 11.5” open back glove is long lasting and easy to break-in. Made from Japanese Murahashi leather in black and tan, this catcher’s mitt is said to be good at receiving the ball and perfect for infielders. The soft leather palm creates an amazing pocket and its pro-guard padding provides excellent feel without any stings. Its shallow pocket is efficient for handling quick ball transfers.

This glove is said to have a pro quality level, but some say that it has thick laces and needs a good amount of break-in. At $199.99, it comes with a 100-day money back guarantee.

1. Vinci Pro Custom Pro Junior BRV1953 Youth

This junior glove model has a conventional open back 11” pattern that has a deep pocket and perfect for 8 – 9 year old players. It performs diversely as both infield and outfield models and has small hand opening with tighter finger stalls which younger players find comfortable.

The handcrafted glove has a pro-grade pre-treated leather material construction that is astoundingly durable and allows for easy break-in. It sells at a low $59.99 and maintains a 100-day money back guarantee.

As you can see on this list, we included some that are expensive and a few that are really cheap for you to see what each of them feature. Looking at our buyers guide may help you solve your buying dilemma.