Top 10 Best Fishing Kayaks

kayak fishing

What drives people into kayak fishing is its stealthy approach which enables the majority to crisscross hard to reach fishing locations without scaring their unwilling prey. Kayaks are known to many anglers as vehicles that can make their catch more rewarding. Simple kayaks can come plain or customizable while the expensive ones carry other features and capabilities.

Kayak manufacturers know that different types of anglers have different fishing requirements. Responding to a number of needs created a plethora of branded kayaks with designs ranging from the basic to entry level, to models with special features. There are two types of fishing kayaks you have to consider.

• Sit-in: This type features an enclosed, usually large cockpit. The extra large size cockpit opening allows for easy to go in and out and provides anglers with a dry ride because of its nylon spray skirt. This kayak commonly ranges from 8 – 14 feet long and owns efficient hull design. This is the best option for paddlers who likes their ride dry and fast.

• Sit-on-top: This kind of kayak also has a large, open cockpit and a high degree of stability. It is constructed with a double hull that enables enclosed air space to trap air within the inner and outer hull. This is the unsinkable type of fishing kayak which is more popular to many anglers.

What makes it dry is its built-in scupper holes on the bilge allowing for water inside the cockpit to escape. They typically range from 10 – 14 feet long and have a wide beam that makes it ultimately stable while on a fishing tour.

Also, there are kayaks you can use for different types of water maneuvers and these are:

• Whitewater kayak: There is no keel and doesn’t travel on a straight line. This allows for more agility and maneuverability. It has a tight cockpit designed to keep you intact even in the roughest conditions. This is typically shorter than other kayaks and some new models are less than 7 feet long.

• Recreational kayak: This is great for low-intensity paddlers and beginners and ideal to use in lakes, ponds, and gentle rivers as well as flat water and creeks. It is usually the preferred boat for hunting and photography, aside from fishing.

• Touring kayak: It has a well-defined keel, fair initial stable, turning boosted by means of edging, and has a high secondary stability feature. Its large cockpit allows for more comfortable ride. Some kayaks of this type have large access hatches and bulkheads providing for dry storage.

This boat is not only perfect for flat waters and lakes; you can use this for moderate inlets or wide rivers. While others are equipped with rudders, some have outrigger or sail provisions.

• Sea kayak: This type is submerged low in the water to reduce cross wind effects and designed for open sea paddling. It measures from 15 feet or more, has a smaller cockpit opening, and a few features smaller access hatches and bulkheads. While several models have rudders or skegs for cross wind and wave pattern maneuvers, some are equipped with deck mounted pumps and compass housings.

Here are some of the finest kayaks sold in the market:

10. Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

The Coleman Colorado fishing kayak sits two persons and has an 18-gauge PVC construction suited for rugged waters or lake paddling. It has a tarpaulin bottom and a nylon cover that protects it from punctures.

It is built with multiple air chambers which allow other chambers to stay inflated even if another chamber is punctured. This design has Airtight® System to guarantee a no-leak ride. Its Berkley® Quick Set Rod Holders are highly adjustable to enable users to fish hands-free.

The boat also features Sevylor® trolling motor fittings for more fishing capabilities and paddle holders that secure paddles in place. It also has a double-threaded Boston valve for quick inflation and deflation.

With adjustable seats, it fits users well as they move from one position to another. This kayak can hold up to 470 pounds and comes with a pressure gauge and a carry bag. It sells at $434.10 and has a 1-year limited warranty.

9. KL Industries Sun Dolphin

This kayak has a rugged UV-stabilized deck and hull with high-density polyethylene and has two padded swivel seats for fishing comfort. It is built with carpeted casting decks and multiple storage compartments which holds an aerated live well with drain to hold your catch. It includes oarlock sockets, a built-in rear motor mount, and comes with anodized aluminum handrails.

This vessel measures 11.3 long, can hold up to 649 lbs., and weighs 225 lbs. Equipped with a built-in rod holders, it features bow lights and a fuel tank storage. This model sells from $1,599 – $3,583.83.

8. Perception Sound 10.5 Kayak

The Perception Sound Kayak is 10.5 feet long and equipped with 2 molded-in rod holders. It features a tri-keel hull that slices up the waters in front to enable speedy navigation and maneuvers. The boat is also fitted with a molded-in dashboard and zone knee and thigh pads which is loved by other users.

Its body wears a moss camo print, has a foam seat for comfort, and equipped with Keepers foot brace system. While it is not a foldable version, this polyethylene boat can carry up to 335 lbs. Price tag starts at $455.00.

7. Malibu Kayak X-13

This measures 13.10” and weighs 60 lbs with a capacity to hold 450 lbs of live weight. Anglers consider this high performance kayak as the ultimate in fishing and also perfect for recreation. It combines stability and speed and fitted with a large Gator hatch and a bungee system in the bow. The kayak has a live open rear well and can carry lots of gears like a 5-gallon bait bucket or a cooler.

Both front and rear have 2 rod holders and its wide cockpit has a center hatch, adjustable foot system that allows for comfortable, dry ride. It is equipped with eyelets, a cup holder, drain plug, bow and stern handles, and nylon hooks. It has side carry handles and paddle holders as well. This unit sells for $784.50 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

6. Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Angler has an award-winning design that provides the speed needed from landing to fishing spots. It also allows for easy maneuver in tight quarters and features the Phase 3 AirPro sit-on-top contoured seat with a backrest designed specifically for increased comfort. The seat has multiple-sized holes done in special foam padding to produce different densities made to cushion the spine and under the legs.

It is equipped with adjustable Keepers Foot Braces in varying inseam lengths for additional comfort and self-bailing scupper holes to enable dry rides. The boat can be fitted with different fishing accessories that can be mounted in many ways through its SlideTrax accessory system. It also has a tank well found on the stern ideal for small cooler storage. Length is at 10 feet and weighs at 61 lbs. It can hold up to 325 lbs and sells from $639.00 – $719.00.

5. Old Town Angler Predator 13


The Predator 13 is totally engineered for below or above waterline trips, which means it can deliver the best platform for on-water sports and fishing. It sits comfortably and is equipped with paddle holders, rod placement, and incorporated with all fishing capabilities.

This kayak is revolutionary in terms of functionality as it is capable of altering playing fields to fit many anglers to a tee. Whether you are on a lake or swirling waters, it can definitely suit your purpose. You will find its features really amazing once you get on to it and get closer to the water. This unit sells for $1,399.99.

4. Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

This sit-on kayak is constructed using high-density Polyethylene for greater durability and strength. It is designed to accommodate up to 3 persons and can carry 500 lbs maximum. It has a hull designed for ultra stability and excellent tracking and is fitted with multiple footrest of varying rider size and positions.

The kayak also includes fishing pole holders, two padded backrests for more comfort, and a 6-inch storage hatch for extra convenience. This easy to transport kayak comes with a rudder and a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and sells at $514.00.

3. Heritage Redfish Angler 14

This kayak is among the few best fishing kayaks sold today and has the length and speed required in covering long distances. It features a molded seat with adjustable back band and fitted with adjustable foot braces for paddlers with different inseam lengths. It has a self-draining cockpit and a standing platform which makes it a popular choice among long distance anglers.

The boat has a vertical rod holder found in front of the paddler and two recessed flush-mount rod holders at the back of the seat allowing for various fishing positions. It also has an open tank well that has bungee cord retainers at the stern and designed with a sealed hatch in the bow for dry storage. Length of this sit-on-top kayak is 14 feet and weighs at 84 lbs. It has a maximum capacity of 475 lbs and sells at $899.99.

2. Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game II Angler

This excellent kayak is 12.9 feet in length and can load a maximum of 550 – 600 lbs. It has in-mold seats and has bow dimensions of 20 x 10.75 inches. This fishing vessel maintains wide-platform stability and fitted with an adjustable Support Track Foot Brace system that enables users to wrestle big catch without fearing to dip on to the water.

It has side holders that can accommodate two rods and an in-mold cup holder that can hold a bottle of beer while you wait for the fish finder to tell you where your catch hangs out. It has a large stern tank well and a side keeper to keep the paddles from straying away from your kayak. This unit sells for $1,299.95.

1. Grand Slam Angler

This 14.5 feet sit-on-top touring kayak is well-known for speed and performance. It has excellent storage capacity that has roominess and stability features of a regular fishing boat. This exceptionally speedy sit-on-top kayak will bring you to your destination in no time with its ST Performance Hull sharp entry line. It can cut through the water and provides for a stable fishing platform.

The boat is equipped with the Comfort Rest Seating System adjustable enough to provide comfort and has adjustable foot braces to accommodate paddlers’ varying inseam lengths. It also has self-draining scupper holes to keep the cockpit dry at all times.

Inside the cockpit you will see a removable console that has a rod mount, dry box, cup holder, and accessory location that keeps all you need while on a trip. Price for this kayak is $899.00.

It’s easy to choose a kayak most especially if your fishing requirements is defined. Understand that anglers like you differ in habits and these habits change depending on the type of water they are in and motivation needed for either fishing or plain paddling. It could be quite a challenge for beginners at times but with enough knowledge on which type suits you best is a plus.