Would Herbalife Improve your Health? Read Our Herbalife Reviews to Find Out

Herbalife International is an American company that sells food products. It is said, by using their products and adapt your lifestyle you become more healthy and lose weight. But how does this really work? Is it worth a try? Can the products live up to your expectations? The following post explains whether Herbalife could be an enhancement to your lifestyle. Or not.

  1. Registration

Before you can see prices in order to decide you want to order or not you are obliged to register first on the website. Here you have to fill out all your personal details whereas you have not even decided yet whether you want to purchase. You also have to fill out when you want to be contacted by an assigned distributor. After registering, still no prices, so you will have to wait when the distributor contacts you. Eventually, you will end up talking to the distributor who does not understand you just want to know the prices and let this settle.

  1. Product

All products are based on natural ingredients and the most important goal for people to purchase products is weight loss. This is also advertised mostly on the website, because: who doesn’t want a fit, slim body? I do. I will line out the first products I ran into.

Herbalife F1 Shake

Apparently the No. 1 Shake for weight loss in the world! It is used as a substitute for you normal meals. This can be a free choice which meal, but I am guessing your favourite will have to go out.

Herbalife Aloe Vera Sirop

This sirop consists of 40% Aloe Vera and is ideal for a detox. It cleanses your body and realises that your body can take in more healthy substances and gets rid of the unhealthy ones. Fair enough.

Herbalife Thermojetics Herb Drink

Only 6 kcal per intake! This is a tea mix, you use it instead of normal tea. It contains 85 mg cafeine, so it  makes you concentrate more and have more energy. As I have narrowed down my cafeine intake to 0.0, this is not the product for me.

  1. Pricing

The on herbs based diet is basically a good start towards a better lifestyle. However, it is known for to be relatively expensive. The products are not meant to be used just once, but over a long time span, preferably your whole life. It is marketed as a lifestyle rather than a  This means you have to calculate Herbalife to be an expense for a long time and the products are meant to be used on a day to day basis.

  1. Multi Level Marketing

Together with the outlining of their best selling products, there is the possibility to become a distributor yourself. The company is a Multi Level Marketing. Let me do a quick explanation here:

Distributors (either self-assigned or approached by the company, or another distributor) sell their products to customers. Next to direct selling the distributors also are expected to recruit new members. This goes by for example: websites (owned by Herbalife or a distributor), newspaper ads, conferences, etc. The new  members purchase their Herbalife products from a distributor, for which the distributor receives a commission. When the new members deliver other new members, the will receive a comission aswell as the original distributor. Ergo, the people at the top of the organisation are being rewarded for their own results aswell as the results of all layers (of members) below. The lowest layer only receives commission of their own direct sellings.

The Multi Level Marketing business is basically a way to make a lot of money when you are in one of the top layers. People are being promised their ‘pot of gold’ and a successful business career. Sadly, most people start up their business and do not succeed earning enough.

  1. Weight loss

Basically, what is needed for weight loss? I would say:

  • Good exercise
  • Healthy, balanced diet
  • Check calorie intake
  • Lower sugar intake
  • Happiness

Whereas Herbalife actually states that with their shakes, syrups, candy bars and other food anyone can maintain a healthy lifestyle, I beg to differ differently. You will not be healthy by just having a different ‘tea’ in the morning. Also, to acclaim the lifestyle you would have to be able to follow their lead just by reading articles. I think in order to acclaim this, personal contact, such as a dietician or a personal trainer can really make the difference. Exercise!
One person should have a maximum intake of 2000-2500 calories. By counting your calorie intake (and be honest!!) you can be sure you will not exceed your maximum. To be sure, check this with a personal trainer or a dietician.
It is proven that people nowadays are being fed sugar way too much. In everyday products there is a fair amount of sugar present. We actually have the big companies to blame. We are used to eat too much sugar, which feeds our sugar addiction. Read the nutrition index on the products and check for the amount of sugar (or carbohydrates). Trust me, you will feel better with a right amount of sugar intake. Again, to be sure, check with a professional who can provide you the right advice.
If you feel good about yourself, people see this! This goes for the outside, but we should never forget the inside. Perhaps there is a reason for your (semi) unhealthy lifestyle. Do you feel happy?


How I always think everybody should decide for themselves, here’s what I think:

Herbalife could be a nice addition to your lifestyle, but it is not a lifestyle on itself. Think for yourself, does it feel right? Do you want the Herbalife life- subscription? Can you afford it? Are there any alternatives? Do you like the Multi Level Marketing strategy? Are you happy inside and out? Can you get advice from people around you?

I would say Herbalife is nothing for me. You can see for yourself. I wish you good luck and hopefully this article benefits you and your lifestyle.