Top 10 Best Walking Shoes for Men

For those who walk, having a great pair of walking shoes is imperative. Unlike running shoes, they provide arch support, stability, and added comfort which your other shoes won’t. Buying a good pair of walking shoes will not only help you on your path, but also provide additional comfort for longer trails.

Choosing the right walking shoes for your feet is multifactorial, you need to consider many variants such as: level of comfort, protection, stability, health, weight, foot-width, orthopedic, knee pain, pronation and many others, all of which can influence your decision in choosing the right shoe for your activity.

Depending on your activity and the type of your foot arch, you may need a different type of shoes to save you from injuring yourself..

A very simple method is to look at the foot mark you leave on the floor, you can test this by taking a dark paper, setting it on the floor of your home, then wetting your feet and stepping on the paper once and looking at the pattern that is left on the paper.

Once you have determined what type of foot arch you have, you will be able to find out what shoes to get for better comfort and ease of walking. This will also help you prevent common foot ailments.

People with flat feet will require cushioned shoes. This will allow them to properly balance their weight for any purpose. Normal footed people will need stability shoes. Motion control shoes will be best suited for high arched feet.
Apart from your arch-type, determine what you are going to use your shoes for. This determines the built of the shoes appropriate for its purpose. Shoes you may use for running or walking on a treadmill may not be suitable for trailing or hiking.

Mainly concerns will fall on People with flat feet (Overpronators) and high arched feet (Underpronators), as they will possibly require specialized shoes.

Underpronation is a problem of the foot and it affects a very small number of walkers or runners across the world. The problem with these people is that their legs do not roll enough inwards whenever there is an impact.
This results in the feet, taking on more pressure, especially when a person is walking or running. This could lead to inflammation and resultant muscle injuries.

Overpronation is a condition when there is excessive inward rolling of the feet after landing. It is a situation where the feet continue to roll when actually it should be pushing off forward.This is a painful condition and it could cause knee pain and shin splints.Those who suffer from this condition will also find that the inner side of the running shoes will have excessive wear and tear.

Hence it is important for such people to look for special shoes that could avoid pain and excessive pressure on the inner side of the soles.

Based on these observations, here are the best waking shoes in the market today. All of these shoes also keep in mind the functionality and need for support, cushion, and stability.

Try to keep in mind those pointers shown above, and we hope that you find the best walking shoes for the right occasion. In doing so, you will find shoes that fit not only your feet, but also your money’s worth.

10. Reebok Cushion

Synthetic leather exterior, a rubber outsole, and slip resistant sole provides more traction stability than other shoes. A beveled heel will help give you an additional bounce, for more traction on hills, and a supportive, flexible sole will provide you with all day comfort for extended periods of use with these shoes.

9. Skechers Go Walk 3

A textile finish provides additional breathability for all day comfort. A flexible, all rubber sole provides you the traction and support you need, a 3 layer web of protection helps protect from rain and other weather conditions, and 1.5” heel gives you added bounce for hiking or walking on hilly patches of land.

8. New Balance MW 983

A leather finish, with rubber outsole, and c cap midsole provides optimal comfort when walking longer distances. The molded absorb liner will keep your feet cushioned when walking on different trails, and weather resistant finish ensures your shoes won’t get damaged in different weather conditions.

7. Skechers GO Walk 2

An ortho-lite and anti-odor finish provides you with optimal comfort, and protection for your feet. The rubber sole, textile finish, a 1.5” heel, and the easy on loop heel allows you to quickly and easily slip these on when going for a walk, for optimal comfort on any trail which you take.

6. Aasics Gel Tech

A textile and synthetic finish allow your feet all day comfort, protection, and allow your feet to breath even in hot conditions when you go walking. A rubber sole, and a removable insole will provide all day comfort, for those who like taking on longer hiking or walking trails with their shoes.

5. New Balance MW 659

A man made sole, a synthetic and leather exterior finish, and abzorb cushioning provide more comfort and stability than other walking shoes do. An n-durance rubber cap outsole ensures these shoes will last for several years providing you more traction and stability on rough walking grounds.

4. Reebok Men’s Daily

A synthetic sole is weather proof, and leather finish provides you a solid construction with these shoes. A durable rubber sole is not only more protection with traction control and stability, but will also provide more comfort when you are on your feet for extended periods of time during a walk.

3. Skechers Walk and Go 2 Flash

A leather and textile finish along with a man made sole provides optimal comfort, and curvature to fit your feet perfectly. A 1.5” heel, and v-stride provides more control, and improved gait, to help eliminate injuries, and help keep you walking straight on any trail you take on. With a solid rubber exterior, you have more control on your feet.

2. New Balance MW 577

A leather finish with synthetic sole gives you optimal control and support when walking on any trail. The shoes are assembled in the US, and they feature a 1” heel, which gives you more traction, support, and gives you an added bounce, so you can get past tough patches on any walking trail.

1. New Balance MW 759

A synthetic exterior, man made sole, and absorb inner lining allows you to land softly on your feet, and provides additional interior comfort and control for longer use. A stability web also gives you more control, and allows your feet to stay in place, so your gait is improved when using these on walking tracks. The n-durance rubber outsole is thicker and provides traction control on your feet.


Of course, always buy shoes that fit. Avoid shoes being too long, too big, and too wide, having the right type of shoes but not the right size defeats the purpose. I’m saying this because some friends will tell you to get shoes that leave too much space around the toes. It is not always the case, perfect shoes fit perfectly.

Like any other sport or activity you do, you need the right equipment in order to avoid injuries, and ensure you get the most out of that activity. With the right walking shoes, not only do you avoid potential injuries, but also have the comfort and support for any trail. With these shoes, not only are you going to feel the balance, you are also going to find it easier for you to complete any walking trail, regardless of the difficulty or the challenges you will cross while on the trail.