The 4 Exercise Arm Toning Workout With A Theraband (Takes 4 Minutes)

Therabands are blowing up right now. They’re the hottest thing in resistance and strength training at the moment, and our rundown (including the best theraband exercises for arms) will help you to see exactly why.

A theraband is basically a big ol’ rubber band with or without handles. That’s it. And because it’s so simple, it can be used for just about anything which involves pushing and pulling.

“Anything which involves pushing and pulling? Isn’t that pretty much everything in a gym which isn’t a cardio machine?” Why yes, dear reader. Yes it is.

You can substitute a simple set of rubber bands for almost an entire gym. With therabands you can do upper extremity theraband exercises (like chest presses and shoulder presses), whole body exercises (like squats), theraband exercises for arms (like bicep curls and tricep extensions), and theraband exercises for legs, just to name a few.

“It can’t be that good though – it’s just a rubber band!”

I hear you. At the end of the day, upper body theraband exercises won’t give you a torso like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But when you consider that some brands of therabands can provide a resistance of up to 75lbs, you’ll realize that these aren’t to be sniffed at either.

And if 75 lbs isn’t enough force for you, you can always buy multiple sets to get you to where you need. Since they’re just rubber bands, they’re extremely affordable with some sets costing you as little as $10!

Best Theraband Exercises For Arm Toning

So now that you know some of the advantages of theraband workouts, I want to go over some of the best theraband exercises for arms.

Bicep Curl

Do 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions for this exercise.

Seated Tricep Extension

Do 3 sets of 8-12 for this too.

Upper Extremity Theraband Exercises

Round off your arm theraband exercises with some upper body theraband exercises:

Shoulder Extension

The first of our upper extremity theraband exercises requires an inexpensive door anchor:

Shoulder Press

Rounding off our upper body theraband exercises is the faithful shoulder press:

For each of these upper extremity theraband exercises, again do 3 sets of 8-12.

What Are The Benefits Of Therabands?

Now that you’re starting to see how rubber bands can replace an entire gym, you can probably already start to see some of the benefits of using therabands over other home gym equipment, or over your gym membership, such as:


You’re saving twice with therabands. The first is in the material. These are just small bands made of stretchy latex. Because of this, they’re cheap. There’s no complex machinery here and no cast iron which is expensive.

It’s also light enough to be slipped into an envelope and dropped into the mail, so no expensive delivery fees are involved either.

However it is worth paying a little extra for branded therabands to ensure you’re getting quality bands which will last you a long time.

The second is in its versatility – you won’t need to keep buying new machines for each body part. One theraband set is enough for almost everything. The only extras you’ll need are inexpensive attachments used to increase the number of ways you can use your therabands, so you can easily change from arm theraband exercises to upper body theraband exercises, for example, at the drop of a hat.

Some such inexpensive attachments are ankle straps or a door anchor.


One of the biggest issues with home gyms are the space they take. If you want a home gym good enough for whole body strength workouts, at the very least you’re looking at a complete weights bench with leg attachments and a lot of free weights with multiple dumbbell and barbell bars.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large bedroom, this could take up half of it. Otherwise, you’ll need an entire room dedicated to your weightlifting equipment.

Therabands on the other hand can fit into an envelope which you can slide into your sock drawer. It’s literally a gym in an envelope.


Therabands solve one of the biggest fitness conundrums – how to stay in shape when you’re away from home.

If you’re staying in hotels, there are expensive hotel gyms… and that’s about it. Hotels charge so much because they know there’s no other alternative. Until now, that is.

Simply pack your therabands, and you can take your complete home gym with you wherever you go. It will take up almost no apace in an overnight bag.

Now you can do your theraband exercises for arms, upper extremity theraband exercises, heck, you can now work every part of your body without leaving your hotel room! Just make sure you remember to hang the Do Not Disturb sign outside!

Suitable for all levels of fitness

Therabands come in various levels of resistance, so beginners and veterans alike can find suitable bands.

And since you’ll be doing the exercises you’ll normally be doing at the gym, there isn’t much of a learning curve when getting to grips with theraband exercises.