Top 10 Swim Goggles Compared

best swim goggles

Professional swimmers undoubtedly need swim goggles; but what about children and other adults who swim for recreation? Do they really need to purchase swim goggles? Children, especially those still learning to swim, are encouraged to swim without goggles part of the time just to get them used to swimming calmly even without goggles.

Most of the time, though, swim goggles are an important part of our swimming equipment. They protect our eyes from any tiny rubbish in the water that could accidentally get into our eyes. Swim goggles also serve as protection against the chemicals used for treatment in swimming pools, particularly chlorine which could sting and harm our eyes if we open them underwater. Swimmers are also safer when wearing swim goggles since they’ll be able to clearly see any threat or risk underwater, as well as confidently tell to which direction they’re swimming.

Now that you understand the importance of having your own swim goggles, how do you correctly pick out the right pair? Here’s a guide on the important things you should consider and a list of the swim goggles we recommend.

– Are they easy to assemble?

Some goggles have to be assembled when you first receive them while others are already pre-assembled and ready for use. You can choose goggles which require only minimal assembly, like attaching and adjusting the strap; or you can opt for goggles that need a little more effort, such as fastening the nose piece. Assembly should not be too difficult since the goggles always come equipped with assembly instructions. Children, however, will need the assistance of an adult to put the goggles together correctly or you can also get them pre-assembled goggles.

– How well do they fit?

How well the goggles fit over your eye socket is important to prevent water from leaking in. You need to make sure that you can try the goggles on before finalizing your purchase. Check that the goggles create suction just when you position them over your eyes. For some goggles, especially those used by competitive swimmers, they create a seal instead. Without suction or the seal, the goggles won’t be a good fit, nor will they stay in place. Be wary of too much suction, though, as this can also feel uncomfortable.

– What are the sizes of the lenses and sockets?

The socket’s size means how big or small the goggle lens is while the lens size refers to how much you can see through the lens. Generally, smaller goggles are preferred since they stay in place better and do not feel too bulky on the face. Some people like to have a wider field of vision, though, so they’d rather use larger lenses. Smaller lenses also tend to feel too tight especially if you did not get a good fit.

– How comfortable do you feel while wearing them?

You need goggles that feel light and comfortable on your face and eye area especially if you’ll be wearing them for more than an hour. Try to put some pressure on the goggle lens while it’s over your eye and check if they feel painful. Don’t neglect the nose piece, either. Make sure it doesn’t dig into the bridge of your nose.

– How well can you see while wearing them?

There are different lens types for different swimming environments. Clear and light colored lenses are best used indoors, while mirrored and black and blue lenses tone down brightness when you’re outdoors. If you’re wearing prescription glasses, use contact lenses so you can see through your goggles. Alternatively, if you’re not comfortable with contact lenses, you can also get specially made goggles with prescription lenses.

– What color and style of the lens and strap do you prefer?

Although goggles are meant to be useful, they are also accessories that can showcase your personality and style. You can select elegant-looking models with classic colors or trendy models in bright hues. If you’re choosing goggles for children, they are likely to be more attracted to colorful goggles that look fun and interesting.

Here are 10 of the industry’s best swim goggles:

1. Aqua Sphere Kaiman

The Aqua Sphere brand is well-known and a top choice for swim goggles. Their Aqua Sphere Kaiman, in particular, is one of the most popular. Users love how soft and comfortable it feels even while it seals effectively to protect your eyes in underwater. It is also made of hypoallergenic material and includes sizes for children. As for style, it has a sleek look which is great for competitions. In addition, the wide angle vision allowing you to clearly see most of what’s around you is a great benefit.

2. Aqua Sphere Kayenne

Another favorite from Aqua Sphere is the Aqua Sphere Kayenne. It offers all the must-have features such as UV protection, anti-fog and scratch-resistant material. It’s also designed to resist leaks. Thanks to the large and high quality lenses, the goggles provide a great view, especially in indoor pools or those with low light. Made of hypoallergenic material, it’s soft and doesn’t irritate the skin. Adjusting the strap is so quick and easy, you don’t even have to take the goggles off just to adjust.

3. Aqua Sphere Seal Swim Mask

Swim masks are larger type of goggles which allow you wider vision; and the Aqua Sphere Seal Swim Mask is one of the best there is. They are also more comfortable than goggles, as they cover more of the face and don’t feel tight over the eyes. UV protection shields your eyes from the harmful glare of the sun. This swim mask is also equipped with heavy-duty, extremely durable lenses that resist scratches.

4. Cressi Flash Ultra Clear Premium Swim Goggles

A model that impresses with its exceptional sturdiness is the Cressi Flash Ultra Clear Premium Swim Goggles. From the lenses to the strap and buckle, the goggles were built from high quality materials to prevent damage. The lenses have a lot going for them. They’re shatterproof, well able to resist scratches and have been treated with anti-fog and UV protection. The buckles and straps are also easy to adjust. Plus, not only are they durable, these goggles are comfortable as well.

5. Ispeed Mirror Pro Swim Goggle

The Ispeed Mirror Pro Swim Goggle is one of the best options for top quality at a more affordable price. These goggles provide you with better vision underwater. The lenses are also covered with UV protection and anti-fog treatment. Plus, they are well-sealed to prevent leaking and they feel very comfortable and light. For a better fit and custom comfort, the goggles even come with two other additional nose pieces to choose from.

6. i-Swim Pro Swimming Goggles

Among swim goggles used for competitive swimming, the i-Swim Pro Swimming Goggles are one of the top favorites. Built for functionality as well as comfort, the lenses are strong and waterproof ones that do not shatter easily. With anti-fog treatment and UV protection, your eyes are guarded from the sun and provide you with a perfectly clear view whether underwater or above the surface. The goggles also fit well and are less likely to fall off. Adjusting the strap and clasp is no problem and takes just a few minutes.

7. Speedo Hydrospex Swim Goggle

If you’re looking for comfort, you won’t go wrong with the Speedo Junior Hydrospex Swim Goggle. The soft strap and socket are ultra-comfortable so that you can wear them for hours and still clearly see around you. The lenses have also been treated for shatter resistance and UV protection. There’s a junior size available for children and the strap and side clip can be adjusted for a more custom fit.

8. Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle

Speedo has been turning out the best sports equipment for years and the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 is another of their great swim goggles. The durable mirrored lenses are perfect for a clear but not harsh view while swimming at the beach or an outdoor pool. Anti-fog treatment and UV protection also ensure your eyes are shielded well. The goggle sits quite comfortably on your nose and eye area and you can’t help but love its sleek look and style.

9. Speedo Vanquisher Optical Goggle

The Speedo Vanquisher Optical Goggle is another model from Speedo’s premium quality Vanquisher line. What sets this apart from other goggles is that it’s specially built to hold a lens diopter for swimmers with eyesight difficulties. Ideal for indoor use, this goggle also allows you to see clearly even with low lights. For the best protection for your eyes, the lenses are coated with UV protection and anti-fog treatment. The lens seal keeps the goggles watertight and the seal’s material is comfortable and soft, as well as hypoallergenic.

10. TYR Technoflex 4.0 Performance

Not to be missed among the list of the best is the TYR Technoflex 4.0 Performance Goggle. A great option for younger swimmers, this goggle sports side clips that can be adjusted with minimum effort and a larger frame for a better, wider view. The metallic lenses, which are perfect for outdoor use, are strong and very durable, made to be shatter-resistant. The seal is made of a soft material that feels comfortable on the eyes and nose but protects against leaks.

Finally, when choosing a swim goggle, take note that you don’t have to be limited by the goggle’s target marketing. If you’re a man but goggles marked for ladies fit you better or you’re an adult and children’s goggles feel more comfortable, then don’t be afraid to try them on and buy them. What’s most important is that you’re comfortable with the goggles you’re wearing and that they work the way they’re supposed to.