Top 10 Ping Pong Table Reviewed

Ping pong table reviews

If choosing a ping pong paddle is a burden for beginners, picking a ping pong table hurts more. Don’t cry too much as there are fewer selections for you to go through.

But who’s using the table anyway? Where will you place it? These are just a few questions that need to be answered and you can find them below.

Types of ping pong table according to purpose:

• For beginners or recreational purposes: There is no need for professional tables to play on. It is best to get a home table or you can choose the high-end home type that you can position at the basement or your garage. Having a limited space for recreation needs you to eye on the small non-standard ones.

• Recreational centers, game rooms and school activities: Tables that have to be used by more players require durability and strength. Therefore, you can choose from high-end home types if there is a budget constraint; if there are ample funds, then, a competition table is the right choice. Competition tables that were refurbished can also give you a chance of buying at a lesser cost.

• Table tennis clubs or competition: This case strictly needs something with a thick surface so you may have to choose from the strong kinds of either refurbished or brand new competition tables. Be reminded that awards await those who win the game to avoid the blaming game for those who lose a set.

Types of tables according to use:

• Indoor table: Indoor tables can either be rollaway or stationary. The stationary kind is most likely stable compared to the rollaway one but the latter provides you with more space after using it. However, you can purchase a stationary table that has a set of roller wheels for ease of mobility towards the area you choose to play.

• Outdoor table: The table has to be weatherproof and sturdy to stand the rigors of frequently moving around and the changing weather conditions. Quality outdoor tables are built with aluminum to resist moisture and to avoid warping. It is encapsulated with this material from top to sides to bottom. The wheeled kind can aid you in moving around or storage.

Ping pong table characteristics:


• Indoor tables are predominantly half an inch or an inch thick
• Competition tables are mostly built 1” thick or slightly less. An inch thick offers a consistent bounce which is favorable for professional players.
• Outdoor tables are thinner and made of either resin or aluminum material. The bounce is metallic and the build is sturdy enough to stand outdoor conditions.

Chassis and leg frames

Table framing determines its stability so there has to be careful consideration when looking at the kind of legs, under-framing and connection points. Having knowledge in these aspects allows you to own a table that can last long with an assurance of a good play.

Playback mode

This is a special feature that allows beginners to practice alone. The table can be lifted to one side vertically, creating a perpendicular angle, in such a way that the other end faces the solo player. However, this is not really effective due to the unnatural flow of the ball that does not simulate a real game. Players sometimes invest on a table tennis robot in order to improve drives and game flow.

The Top 10 Ping Pong Table Review

10. Stiga Insta Play

The Stiga Insta Play table is ever ready to be played on as soon it jumps out of the box. This indoor table is very easy to mount and makes way for an exciting game. It has a special banding material on its edges to eliminate snags on the edges which usually happen when players anticipate a close shot. It has a ¾” thick black playing surface and 2 steel aprons mounted with corner protections.

9. Butterfly TR21 Personal Rollaway

This affordable rollaway pro table is ideal for game rooms or recreation centers to use. Among its sturdy features is a perfectly flat and durable playing surface built to resist warping. You can convert the surface from a standard two-player into a practice table that allows for playback mode. It is fitted with a ¾” table top made of wood, a 1 ½” railing rim made of steel, and steel legs in 1 inch diameter.
Price: $530.92

8. JOOLA Inside Table

This is top quality table meant for indoor playing and made for extended hour play. It has a nice surface and a sturdy undercarriage made of steel and takes only 20 minutes to mount the setup. A powder coating was added on its metal surfaces to make sure it does not tarnish after long years of existence. It has two sets of legs that allows for separating the table into two for easy storage or for entertaining purposes.

7. Stiga Expert Roller

This table might have pioneered the manufacture of ping pong tables. It is known for its elegant design, style and innovation. This tournament-grade table is said to have provided comfort and ease to table tennis players for quite a long time now. The table can be divided into two and folded together, with each part having its own set of roller wheels. What makes it more sturdy is the 2.25-inch Classical designed wood apron and Euro-design chassis.
Price; $1289.99

6. Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor

Players regard this table to be perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor playing. It features an all-weather characteristic, enabling it to stand the elements while being used outdoors. Its plastic and aluminum surface make that happen, and its all-metal skirting provides extra support. It is also capable of serving one player while on practice drives as it folds up to playback mode. It has a mechanical locking device to secure the table while being used by a lone player. This table comes with a one year limited warranty.
Price: $588.89

5. Butterfly TW24B Outdoor Playback Rollaway

This mobile sport equipment is an all-time favorite. It has a 2 piece top for diverse playing and easy storage purposes. It has a protective edge bands for wear and tear and a durable bracing network around its 1” round steel legs. This is also good for the home, clubs and schools. It comes with a synthetic laminated top surface, a 1 ½” railing rim and a welded chassis that ensures more stable stand. It is equipped with 2 safety levers on each side as child protection measure. The table folds into storage and playback positions without detaching post and net. It comes with a 3-yr warranty.
Price: $879.49

4. Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor

This table was made with durability and style in mind. Its all-weather outdoor feature is highly commendable as well as its foldaway characteristic for easy storage. It can also double up as play partner once folding the other end of the table to form a wall that faces the player. This rollaway table takes up little space in your garage. It sports a 7 mm laminated surface for more durability and consistent bounce. It includes a weather-resistant net assembly with tension and height settings. Table set comes with a central release handle that opens and closes it easily. It also has a lock when in storage and playing modes.
Price: $1499.99

3. Killerspin MyT5 Rollaway

As the name suggests, the Killerspin MyT5 Rollaway Table Tennis Table is foldable. It can be easily stored and easy to move after playing. The table also allows a single player to practice and armed with a special locking system. Setting it up is quite easy; even one person can do this by himself. It comes with white finish legs and takes approximately 15 seconds to convert into a practice table. This table has a 15mm mid-density fiberboard surface and a specially-engineered repeat roller coating paint process that reduces glares and ball markings.

2. Stiga Outdoor Table Tennis Table Vapor

Table tennis lovers will make the Stiga Outdoor Table Tennis Table Vapor their favorite once they start playing with it. It has a blue playing surface with undersides durably undertreated to prevent it from risks of warping. It features aluminum composite plastic construction to endure outdoor environment. Designed for rust resistance, its undercarriage is coated with powder metal. It has a trolley system that provides for easy transport and stability.

1. JOOLA Quattro

The JOOLA Quattro is among the well-loved, popular and respected brands of ping pong tables sold today. It has thinner top surface (18mm) and cheaper than other JOOLA table tennis table models. Its metal support and trundle design is parallel to that of Duomat, with both halves capable of moving on a 4-wheel support system. It has heavy duty wheels and carefully engineered metal bars. It is lightweight at 100 lbs. per table half.

The next thing that you should do is learning how to compare. Comparing each and every table you see on sale leads you to go back to the basics which is looking into table specifications, usage and prices.