9 Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga

yoga benefits

In addition to the original form of yoga – hatha yoga – over the years quite a lot of different styles have developed. With that in mind it is not surprising that yoga can help with a lot a different conditions. Yoga is very effective in preventing and curing diseases as proven by many researches. You’d be surprised what can be achieved by frequently performing a few quick and easy yoga exercises.


We advise all of our visitors suffering from any condition and/or disease to consult with their doctor about their intent on doing yoga exercises before starting to exercise. It is advised to practice under supervision of a yoga teacher.

1. Yoga for constipation

There are several yoga positions that can help with constipation. One of the most effective is called Udarakarshanasana, an abdominal stretch pose. By performing this pose you create a movement of your intestines. Your gut and your bowels are stimulated and that helps the whole digestive system. Practice this pose frequently and you will almost eliminate the risk of ever suffering from constipation. Watch the video below to learn how to perform the Udarakarshanasana.

2. Yoga for scoliosis

Yoga can also help with minor scoliosis. Please note that the focus is on the word “minor”. If you are suffering from severe scoliosis it is not recommend to do any kind of exercises without consulting you doctor first.

If you are suffering from minor scoliosis it is crucial to train the muscles that support the spine. Those need to be lengthened and strengthened. If you constantly perform exercises pain and tightness can decrease.

There are several yoga position you can practice, two easy and effective ones are:

If you are serious about fighting scoliosis with yoga we highly recommend taking a look at Elise Browning Millers DVD, she is an expert on the topic.

3. Yoga for diabetes

Yoga as therapy offers help with many diseases, also with diabetes. Results do depend on the type and intensity of the condition and of course, the extent to which the person concerned is willing to integrate yoga into his life. Stable blood sugar level do depend on enough exercise and the right kind of relaxation. Both can be achieved by doing yoga exercises. It is important to focus on easier yoga positions as challenging ones could make the blood sugar levels drop too quickly.

Two excellent positions to practice are:

4. Yoga for thyroid

Thyroid disorders are a very common condition that people from all ages all over the world are suffering from. According to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists over 27 million Americans are suffering from the various types of this disease. Yoga can help to reduce the symptoms and to speed up the recovery process. It is important to note that yoga alone does not cure thyroid disorders. Many of those disorders are stress related. Yoga helps to relax and can reduce stress very effective.

Here are seven yoga poses to effectively fight thyroid problems including video instructions on how to perform them:

5. Yoga for high blood pressure

Hypertension, the fancy word doctors use to say high blood pressure, is a very common condition too. One out of three adults in the United States is affected somehow. There are different type of hypertension. Secondary high blood pressure can be caused by several other diseases such as (but not limited to) kidney conditions, hormone conditions or type two diabetes. Essential hypertension is what doctors call high blood pressure when it’s not related to another disease. This condition is mostly caused by too much stress. This is where yoga comes into play. Practicing yoga will give you inner peace, bring your nervous system back into balance and by doing that reduces stress by a significant amount. However, some yoga positions are more effective than other but before taking a closer look at them let’s first note what positions to avoid. If you are suffering from high blood pressure you should by all means avoid any positions in which you can feel pressure in the temples or your throat. Position that cause breathing to be difficult should also be avoided.

Three yoga positions to help with hypertension and video instructions on how to perform them:

6. Yoga for hamstrings

Hamstring pain is a common condition many athletes have to deal with sooner or later. Even yoga can cause this condition, in that case it’s often referred to as “Yoga Butt”. In most cases the pain begins right below the sitting bones. If you notice a pain like that after your Yoga practice it is important to stop exercising. Your hamstrings need time to rest and since they are poorly supplied with blood this can take a fair amount of time. If you don’t give your hamstrings time to rest you are risking a more severe injury.

Once the pain is gone you can start practicing again. To avoid future problems you should take any pain near the sitting bone seriously. If you feel any pain or discomfort while bending forwards stop the exercise immediately. In addition to that some yoga poses also help preventing hamstrings problems by strengthening the whole area.

Three excellent yoga positions for hamstrings including video instructions on how to perform them:

7. Yoga for vertigo

Vertigo is often characterized as a form of dizziness. It’s a disease that affects the central nervous system. Other parts of the body also come into play. The balance of your body is a complex mechanism affected by multiple things like your skin, your inner ear and of course your eyes. Whenever there is an imbalance somewhere vertigo may occur. Yoga is a natural approach to cure vertigo and can be quite effective.

Six yoga Poses and exercises for vertigo and video instructions on how to perform them:

8. Yoga for nausea

Nausea is often referred to be an uncomfortable feeling in the upper stomach area often coming with an involuntary need to vomit. Nausea can have many causes as it is a non-specific symptom. Yoga can help to make the uncomfortable feeling in the stomach area go way.

Here are four yoga poses for nausea and detailed video instructions on how to perform them:

9. Yoga for grief

Yoga helps to find inner peace and to pacify the mind and spirit. When facing a great loss our mind, spirit and body often feel broken. The impact of grief on our body occurs in many ways and everybody will have an individual grief experience. But there is one thing that most of those experiences have in common and that is a huge amount of stress. This is where Yoga comes into play as it can aid you in gaining back a balanced body, mind and spirit. A method that has proven to be highly effective in terms of gaining your balance back is called “Sun Salutations”. It is a sequence of different yoga poses. There are many variations out there, below you will find one of the most common.

A common sequence of yoga poses to fight grief. This Sun Salutation consists of nine different poses, below are their names and video instructions on how to perform them. Perform them in the order given below.