15 Best Exercises for Getting Rid Of Double Chin


Double chin can make you feel like its limiting your beauty. It is a problem that many women have but it can be fixed. There are several causes of double chin namely genetics, aging, gaining weight and improper dieting habits.

There are several exercises that can help remove double chin:

  1. Chin Lifts
  2. Platysma Exercise
  3. Jaw Release
  4. Tilting Head
  5. Tongue Press
  6. Circle of Life
  7. Side Neck Stretch
  8. Pigeon Face
  9. Neck Roll
  10. Sticking out Tongue
  11. Slapping Chin
  12. Head Lift
  13. Tennis Ball Exercise
  14. Lip to Nose
  15. Chewing Gum Simulation

removing double chin

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