10 Easy Healthy Lunch Recipes For On the Go


Now that the summer has just arrived, how about ditching processed food and eating light and healthy recipes?

Two months ago I decided to ditch eating out for lunch and started to bring my own food. Being a really lazy guy I put my google fu skills to use and searched the web for anything that said “easy healthy recipe”.

This shift has had 3 major advantages:

  • Cheap: eating out every day adds up really quick. I have come to realize that with one week worth of restaurant meals, I can buy food for one month. The added advantage? I am also purchasing better quality ingredients and food is more flavorful!
  • Healthy: losing weight was really never one of my goals, but the thing is I’m eating healthier and it’s paying off. I have more energy, feel more plenty and have lost 4 pounds without any effort.
  • Fun: I’m lazy. There is no way around it. But I have discovered that I can enjoy preparing my own meals and with some research, I have managed to find 10 healthy and lazy meals.

This article will list my current 10 favorite recipes that I have been repeating for the past weeks!

Orange pork tenderloin stir fry with broccoli and pea

I really liked the simplicity of this one and the fact that it didn’t take long to make. It fitted perfectly with my half an hour rule and I had enough for dinner and for lunch next day. Check the full recipe at the Peanutblossom blog.

2. No-Peek Stew Recipe

No-Peek Stew Recipe

This is amazing. You simply throw everything into the oven and 5 hours later the dinner is ready. The advantage? You can freeze lunch sized portions and they will be as good as after cooking. Full recipe at Thrivinghomeblog.

3. Eggplanta Caponata

Eggplanta Caponata

For some reason, I love Eggplant (and it seems to be also very nutritive as well). Inspired by this easy recipe from Robyn, I decided to try it. I reckon, I cut some corners: I added some chorizo and used store bought tomato sauce. Still, the end result was delicious. Check out the recipe.


4. 300 Calorie Asian Omelette Recipe

300 Calorie Asian Omelette Recipe

In the end, I am really lazy and one omelet really does the trick for me. Adding prawns and eggs results in a 10 minute meal that can be done in the morning before leaving for work. Check the original recipe here.

5. 15-Minute Poached Salmon

15 minute? Did I say 15 minutes? I loved this recipe because it was easy and quick! And I love salmon also! Check the full recipe here.

6. Mexican Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Mexican Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Another 30 minute recipe that handles itself really well until lunch the next day. In addition, id does not require a microwave (which I hate to wait for my turn). It has all your vegies in addition to some really nice carbs. Check the recipe here.

7. Soy Ginger Flank Steak

Soy Ginger Flank Steak

On the outside this looks like steak with rice, but oh boy, I was wrong! If you follow the instructions for the steak, it is amazing and tasty! I loved it. (I reckon, I did not as far as the sauce. I only followed the instructions for the steak.) Check the recipe here.


8. Chickpea Tuna Salad

Chickpea Tuna Salad

I have a Portuguese coworker and somehow he always manages to bring amazing dishes to work. Last week he brought this salad and just shared the recipe with me and it is easy as it seems: chickpeas, tuna, tomatoes and a couple of herbs! Check the full recipe here.

9. Cauliflower & Chickpea Curry

Cauliflower & Chickpea Curry

I’m not a vegetarian, but my goal is to eat healthy meals that can be prepared in under 30 minute. I love curry and this one real caught my eye (and mouth). It seems daunting in the beginning, but it is actually quite easy to do. Check the full recipe in TheFigtree.

10. Chili


Last, but not least: Chili! Chili is actually one of my favorite dishes and I believe I can eat chili at every meal! Digging through the internet I found this recipe that really worked for me: easy and quick! And I liked the blog name also… I can really relate to it!

Overall, all this recipes are easy and healthy. Some might look a bit scarier and they might take a bit more than 30 minutes on the first go. But once you have repeated them one or two times you will be an expert and ready to roll! Just trust the recipe and have fun trying them all! And please, let me know what do you think about this list!