Top 10 Best Sneakers For Flat Feet

A flat foot is a condition where the inner part of the foot has a very low or almost no arch, unlike for most people whose arch is elevated when walking or standing. Some people do not realize that they have flat feet if the condition is mild. Others, however, might experience discomfort and even pain in their feet and legs.

To cope with flat feet, it’s important to wear the right shoes. Fortunately, manufacturers have devised a way to provide comfortable shoes for people with this condition. For flat-footed people who enjoy walking or are physically active, we’ve covered the important factors to consider when choosing shoes and the top ten best sneakers to get.

How to choose the best sneakers for flat feet:

It’s important to select the right shoes when you have flat feet because the wrong shoes can put too much pressure on your feet. This will radiate toward the lower half of your body and can even cause injuries. If the condition becomes severe and the pain gets worse, you may need to consult a podiatrist and get custom-made shoes. So before that happens, make sure you that you care for your feet and buy appropriate shoes. To help you pick out the best sneakers for flat feet, here’s an idea of what to look for.

1. Proper Support

Additional support is essential in footwear for flat feet. Shoes specially made for support, usually described as an “Added support” feature can help bear your weight and hold your feet firmly when moving. Ample cushioning is what provides this support and helps with shock absorption. The mid-sole section, forefront and heel should be well-padded.

2. Rigid Heel and Mid-sole

Shoes with a stiff heel and mid-sole also indicate more support as well as durability. To test the firmness of the shoe, try bending it gently. What you’re looking for are shoes that bend near the area of the toes. If the shoe has a tendency to bend near the mid-sole, it won’t sufficiently support your arch. Generally, the firmer the shoe, the more support it can give your feet. Plus, this ensures that your shoes are hard-wearing and will last long.

3. Stability

Stability shoes are specially designed to correct overpronation, a tendency for flat feet. This is when the foot rolls to the side inwards while running, causing strain and pain to the hips and knees. Shoes made for stability are characterized by stronger and denser foam covering the area of the arch by the midsole. You will also notice that the heel of the shoe resists pressure. They are also cushioned thoroughly for a good but comfortable fit. This helps support your foot and keeps it steady.

4. Motion Control

Motion control shoes are actually stability shoes with added features. These kinds of shoes are used by people who have a more severe overpronation problem. The area near the arch or the heel is made of particularly strong and thick material and this fixes your foot’s position and corrects overpronation. Motion control shoes are also likely to be heavy and very sturdy.

5. Comfortable Fit and Shape

The shape of the shoe and how well they fit you are also vital so when browsing for shoes at the store, remember to ask for help from an experienced or knowledgeable shoe salesperson. Don’t just pick any shoe you spot on the shelf. Be sure you are able to try on the shoe to check the fit. The shoe should feel snug to securely hold and support your feet but it cannot also be overly tight. Another thing you will need to make certain of is that the shape of the shoe feels comfortable. The shoe has to be one that suits the contours of your feet and is not too constricted in some areas or has too much space in others.

Most of the popular shoe brands have their own stability and motion control shoes. Here are the ten best sneakers for stability and motion control recommended for flat feet:


1. Brooks Beast 14

The Brooks Beast 14 is the best shoe for people with serious overpronation problems. A motion control shoe, the sole is made of Brooks patented BioMoGo DNA. This makes the sole thick for more than adequate cushioning and support. At the same time, it still feels soft and comfortable. The Brooks Beast is also built with Brooks running progressive diagonal rollbar. This is a specially designed midsole which improves the foot’s position, keeping it from moving inwards while running. Runners with flat feet and overpronation will love the feel and comfort of this shoe.

2. Nike Lunarglide 6

An established brand among shoes, Nike has also excelled in their Nike Lunarglide 6. These stability shoes provide an arch to the foot while you’re in motion and the material is a great cushion to the sole with your every step. The support platform within the heel provides tremendous support but without stiffness. The upper part of the shoe is constructed of breathable mesh which keeps the foot cool and dry. But the best thing about this shoe is that it’s surprisingly lightweight.

3. Mizuno Wave Inspire 11

As a stability shoe, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 does not just have a classy design. It also offers great support and comfort. The patented wave plate acts as a shock absorber for the foot as it lands. Mizuno’s wave design technology is also found in the middle of the plate for added support and strength. Users like that the shoe is lightweight and the upper part of the shoe is a good fit but comfortable. The upper part is also made of mesh which dries the foot quickly and keeps it cool.

4. Saucony Guide 7

The Saucony Guide 7 is another brilliant stability shoe perfect for runners with mild to moderate over pronation. Made with Saucony’s latest Powergrid material, the shoe is light but very sturdy. The sole is designed for maximum support especially from the front to the middle of the sole. The area around the toes also has more space and feels nicely comfortable. Plus, the Saucony Guide 7 has a trendy, attractive design. The only major issue with the shoe is that they need time to wear in, but once they do, the entire shoe feels quite comfortable on your feet.

5. Asics Gel Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe

High quality and support in a simple package are what you get with the Asics Gel Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe. The sole is made of Ortholite material which sustains the correct arch for the foot and keeps it in its proper position. The gel cushioning system provides superior support but preserves the shoe’s light weight. Users also appreciate that the toe area has extra space for more comfort. These stability shoes may cost a pretty penny but they’re durable and they provide excellent support and comfort.

6. New Balance 928

Another top brand among shoe manufacturers is New Balance. Their motion control shoes, the New Balance 928 provides outstanding support and comfort in a simple but elegant-looking design. One of the great things about this shoe is that it comes in different materials; including leather and suede. This shoe is also exceptionally sturdy but offers plenty of cushioning. Unique to this shoe is New Balance’s Rollbar technology which supports the foot on both sides and corrects over pronation. The toe area is spacious as well.

7. Asics Gel Kayano 22

One of the brands that produce the best stability shoes, Asics has continued their improvements and upgrades in their Asics Gel Kayano 22. People with over pronation problems, whether mild or more severe, can benefit from using this shoe. Both the middle and outer area of the sole give adequate support and smooth motion. The durability, as well as comfort of the shoe, also makes it ideal for prolonged wear. The upper area of the shoe is encased in Asics’ FluidFit mesh for regulating heat and moisture.

8. Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 7

Known for superior quality and durability, Adidas has developed their own stability shoes in the Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 7. Built for people with mild to moderate over pronation, these shoes are very well-cushioned and feel soft and comfortable. Aside from arch support, what sets these shoes apart is that the foam is designed to spring back from any impact, giving you a certain bounce when you’re running. Extremely sturdy, they also last long even with frequent use. Users have commented though that they tend to be heavy, but this can usually be expected from most stability shoes.

9. Brooks Adrenaline

If you’re looking for shoes that provide maximum stability but less of the thick padding associated with support, the Brooks Adrenaline is for you. This Brooks model is tremendously durable, good for long runs and regular use. Any impact to the foot while running is lessened thanks to the cushioning material and Segmented Crash Pad across the entire sole. The upper part of the shoe is also made with breathable mesh, keeping the wearer’s feet dry and cool.

10. Nike Zoom Odyssey

Another stability shoe from Nike, the Nike Zoom Odyssey gives much needed support and comfort to runners with flat feet and moderate to severe over pronation. Thanks to their Dynamic Support system, this shoe is sturdy and reliable, and at the same time, provides full padding. Your motion is smooth and fluid when you’re running with these shoes. As for the upper part of the shoe, flymesh material makes the shoe lightweight and breathable, adding to the wearer’s comfort while flywire cables let the wearer adjust the shoe for the best fit.

Equipped with the right knowledge, even the most severe cases of over pronation don’t have to endure pain and discomfort when running or walking. You can choose any of the stability or motion control shoes we mentioned and you’ll perform at your best without unnecessarily straining your muscles.