10 Best Healthy Diet Options in 2015


Most people struggle with weight loss, especially women. Starving does not help in losing weight, you have to adopt a diet option that is healthy and effective when losing weight. You should also exercise frequently, avoid junk food and take a lot of clean and fresh water.

There are so many diet options to choose from, it can thus be very hard to find a weight loss plan that suits you. However, here are the top 10 healthy diet options in 2015.

1. Detox Tea

This is first weight loss plan that is healthy and effective. Detox teas are very affordable and also very beneficial during weight loss and will actually grant you dramatic results. However, when using them you should still drink a lot of water, eat a balanced diet and exercise frequently.

2. Dukan Diet

This diet involves low intake of carbohydrates and high intake of proteins. It has four phases each phase having its own diet rules. It is easy to follow and you can lose weight quickly.

3. Alkaline Diet

Under this diet option, you have to omit acid producing foods such as meat, wheat, caffeine and alcohol and instead take alkaline foods such as plenty of fruits and vegetables. The alkaline foods help to maintain the body's acidity and healthy levels.


4. Black Beans

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They are also a great way of losing weight since they contain proteins that are free from saturated fat hence pass the test of healthy food as compared to other proteins such as red meat.

5. Paleo Diet

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This diet includes meat, fruits, seafood, vegetables, herbs and spices. It is also a low carb high proteins diet. Cereal grains are not an included. Research has it that this option reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

6. Weight Watchers

It is best for both Short term and long-term weight loss plan. It involves great intake of fruits and vegetables and is also very easy to follow.


7. 5:2 Diets

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This diet option involves intake of food for five days in a week and then fasting for the remaining two days. This option lowers the risk of breast cancer.

8. Cambridge Diet

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It is a good method for long term weight loss plan. Here, unlike other weight loss diet options, you are recommended to eat meal replacement products such as soups, porridge and shakes.

9. New Atkins Diet

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Here you have to cut out most of carbohydrates and alcohol. It is a very fast way of losing weight and very convenient for men as it includes red meat, butter cream, cheese and mayonnaise.

10. South Beach Diet

Another amazing healthy diet option for you in 2015. It involves eating three meals and two snacks per day. You should also exercise a lot and take plenty of meat, fish and poultry.

Summing Up

The above diet options involve foods that are tasty, nutritious and healthy. They will help you to maintain a healthy weight and also reduce your chances of developing diseases. You should also remember to exercise, take plenty of water and green leafy vegetables.